Digimon Links

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Digimon Links
Digimon Links is another mobile edition of the Digimon brand, established in Japan in the second half of the 1990s. The production, combining elements of a battle game and a farm simulator, or rather the classic Tamagotchi, was prepared by Bandai Namco Entertainment, which decided to distribute in a free model with optional micropayments, including on the AND and iOS platforms. The title was issued on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Digimon brand.

The action of Digimonlinks atakes place in a virtual world, which is accessed from a special application. It is inhabited by digital monsters called Digimons. Unfortunately, due to an error, the unique world was partially defragmented and fell into individual structures. The player and similar volunteers are asked to correct the situation and restore Digital World to its pre-accident state.

The game in Digimon Links takes place on two levels. The first of them is the farm, which is our headquarters. From this level the player unlocks new Digimons and trains those already in use. For their development to proceed properly, you need to take care of the basic needs of creatures. As a result, they gain experience, advance to higher levels, gain new skills, and undergo evolution as a result of which they transform into new, more powerful forms.

Digimon Links is filled with many different progress forms for your Digimon. Progress in the final stages of the game will require Digimon’s awakening. To do this, however, you must first maximize other statistics: friendship.Friendship is one of the first and easiest forms of development at Digimon Links.

Digimon links friendship is a statistic that increases the more you use Digimon. You can find the Friendship statistics on the Digimon statistics page (on the right side of HP). As the level of Digimon increases, the friendship limit also increases. The maximum friendship you can have for each Digimon is 300.