Pokemon Go Friend Codes List

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Pokemon go Friend Codes:

909544913224465941085298073059080173031883002993Place for Your Code!

Pokemon go Friend Codes Exchange

Pokémon Go Friends is a new add-on that opens the door to several new, highly desirable functions, including trading and sending gifts.

Building a friend list now only allows you to track your friends’ progress, but also provides a number of benefits when using gyms and raids.

You need a trainer level to add friends in Pokémon Go and find a trainer code. At the moment the trainer’s level limit is 10. This level dropped sharply – it fell from 40 to 30 within a few hours of starting the function, and then became level 10 the next day – so if you don’t have it yet, wait a few days or maybe be available at lower levels.

When you have a trainer level high enough to start adding friends in Pokémon Go, go to the trainer screen by pressing the icon in the lower left corner of the home screen, and then touch the „Friends” tab in the upper right corner.

Then tap „Add friend”. Here you can enter your friend’s Pokemon Go trainer codes. This is only way to become friends with someone – there is no way to just use his trainer nickname. Pokemon Go requires you to know a person before sending an invitation to him. Pokemon Go friend codes 2020 prevent players from interacting with strangers.

Here is also your own trainer code to send to others. To simplify this, you can copy your trainer code to your phone’s clipboard, so you can easily send it directly via another application.

It is also important that trainers who „require parental consent and registration at the Pokémon Trainer Club to play Pokémon Go will not be able to trade with other trainers in the game,” according to the creator of Niantic.

After receiving your friend’s Pokemon Go trainer codes, enter it into the field and then send him a request. Once accepted, they become friends – there is no need for you both to send yourself trainer codes.