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Questland Friend Codes:

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Questland game is a first person RPG placed in mysterious, fantasy world called Valia. By starting the game, we have to create and customize our character. We have hundreds of options at our disposal, with many hairstyles, face types, , eyebrows ,eye types, earrings, tattoos, skin colors, hair colors and so on. We can create hundreds of different characters.

After creating our hero (whom can also change at any time), we can begin to take part in adventures. Players will go through subsequent scenarios from a first-person perspective, facing all emerging enemies. At the bottom of the screen you will find various skills and types of attack.

Between adventure, players can advance and improve their hero’s attributes, equip themselves with new weapons, armor and other accessories; or interact with many fascinating characters from the world of Valia. In addition, the game has many special events that we can unlock during the game. We can also fight with other players in exciting PvP duels.

Questland is a very original RPG that offers a outstanding graphics section and very great amount of content. In game we can find, win or produce more than a thousand armor, weapons, shoes, necklaces , gloves and other accessories.

Questland includes a wonderful reward system for players who invite friends to play. After going through the early stages, you’ll receive a secret code that you can share with all Questland friends. If they enter your code into your friends list, they’ll receive a reward, and so will you. Similarly, if you enter your friends’ Questland secret codes on your list, you’ll both receive rewards. When you enter even one secret friend code on your list, you’ll get valuable gems to buy purchasing chests. This questland codes 2020 system makes the game even more interesting and fun.