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Tiny Tower
Tiny Tower is an economic strategy in which the player’s task is to expand and manage the skyscraper. Our priority is to transform the building into a profitable business, which we will use to accumulate the resources needed to acquire the appropriate raw materials and acquire the most talented staff, and thus further develop the entire enterprise.

We implement this task by placing new floors for a specific purpose and at the same time taking care to properly balance the budget. Some rooms have specific functions to fill, while others are generally used to attract new residents, employees and customers to the tower. Tiny tower floors include apartments, shops, offices and recreational facilities. In addition to the financial side of the project, we must also take care of meeting the needs of people living and working in the building. It requires, among others ensuring appropriate conditions, taking care of the interior design, as well as carrying out regularly assigned special missions. There are several types of Tiny Tower vips who can randomly appear in your elevator. These important guests provide you bonuses, which can boost your coins or even make things happen more quickly.

The game features a multitude of decorative elements and skyscraper components. The user can use hundreds of floors, walls, decorations, equipment, roofs and elevators.

As part of the gameplay, NimbleBit created the Friends feature that allows players to share with each other and play in cooperative mode, as well as communicate via BitBook. You can add other users as friends using the Tiny Tower friend codes. And they can add you if they know your friend code.

If you have any problem with the game or don’t know how to play you can easily use Tiny Tower help mode.